Paul Wiener’s Story

As Told By His Wife, Ann Roggenbuck!

Because I am the reason Paul ended up in NE South Dakota it’s only fitting for me to tell his story. Born and raised in Milbank all I ever wanted was out of here but as the years went by a funny thing happened; all I wanted was to “come home.”  As such, I became increasingly focused on building a house on the lake.  Some of my best memories growing up were spent on Big Stone Lake tearing around Hartford Beach, jigging for perch with Pete G. and sometimes even ice fishing before or after spinning around on the frozen lake in the night with my high school buddies while the radio blared.

Better late than never, I was lucky enough to meet and marry Paul in my 50’s and after a long and rewarding career it was time to build the house on the lake. Paul is first generation; his mom was English and his dad Czech. He was born in Germany and lived internationally most of his young life as his Dad worked for the state department.As such, he enjoys the European practice of daily food shopping and bringing home good bread which he quickly and joyfully consumes. He could live “on bread alone” along with a little meat, cheese and some beer/wine!

Paul worked in the hospitality and tourism industry for over two decades after which he moved to academia where he taught in the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ for another 20 years. As you might expect, he is well traveled and seems happiest when he is booking a trip to explore new part of the world.  He is an avid hiker having hiked the Grand Canyon “Rim to Rim” for twenty years straight between 50 & 70 years of age. Yikes!  He is also an avid reader, excellent cook and skilled host having both grown up in a diplomatic family and worked in the hospitality/tourism industry throughout his career. 

Upon retirement, we had to confront the disconnect between my dream of living on Big Stone Lake in South Dakota and his dream of continuing to live in the mountains (Flagstaff, AZ) and traveling the world.  Our compromise has been to spend summer/fall on Big Stone Lake and the winter/spring in Flagstaff and traveling. Not being into fishing, hunting, golfing, sports, gardening and home/yard maintenance has left a bit of a void in his life during the six months we live here and continuing to read sci-fi 24/7 was turning him into a beady eyed dweeb. He hates heat and humidity and just doesn’t find walking/hiking on country roads that much fun. The likely answer is that he needs a hobby.  A big frustration for him has been the inability to find what he considers “good bread” in the area so he has turned to making it himself. As his bread baking skill has grown and with his background, he has decided to make his bread available to others thus, By Bread Alone was hatched!   His goal is to deliver fresh loaves that have been hand crafted just for you to enjoy with your family and friends at your lake house/cabin/RV/room/campsite or to take home with you. He will donate $1 from the sale of each loaf to Citizens for Big Stone Lake to further stewardship of and recreation on the lake.  We enthusiastically hope you enjoy the bread and your time at the lake!